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MSEC annual dues are payable in advance and are computed on the following basis for private companies and government entities. Different dues calculations may be used for employers with multiple locations and small employers with less than 10 employees. Please note, there is an option to pay quarterly after first year of membership.  


Membership dues for private companies with 10 or more employees (government entities see the calculation below) are calculated by determining 4.0% of the amount paid as the employer's share of Social Security (Old Age, Survivor, and Disability Insurance) Federal Insurance Contribution Act taxes (FICA) in the last four full quarters preceding the date of the application for all employees who will be covered by the membership. The total annual membership dues for 2017 shall not be less than $1,350.00 nor more than $5,400.00. 


You can use the calculator below for your dues by inserting your share of FICA for the preceding four quarters. To join, call 800.884.1328



Private Sector Calculator

Fill in the Employer share of FICA for last 12 months and then press Enter.
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Private Sector Calculator

Membership Dues =

For public sector employers (government entities) who do not pay FICA, the dues calculation is as follows: 4.0% of 6.2% of your payroll for the last 12 months, excluding any individual annual salary amount over the appropriate Social Security tax limit for the year ($118,500 for 2017).  The total annual membership dues for 2017 shall not be less than $1,350.00 nor more than $5,400.00.


You can use the calculator below for your dues by inserting two amounts.  The first amount is your annual payroll for the last 12 months.  The second amount is the total of excess salaries for all individuals who made more than $118,500 for the last 12 months.  To join, call 800.884.1328.


​Public Sector Calculator

Follow three steps:

1. Enter Annual Payroll Amount in first field below.

2. Enter total of individual payroll amounts above 118,500 in the second field.

(e.g. 10 employees earning 200,000 = 10x 81,500 = 815,000)

3. Press Enter to calculate membership dues.

Trouble with the calculator? Please see here​


Public Sector Calculator

Membership Dues =

Employers with Multiple Locations

Employers with multiple locations may be subject to our multi-membership rate of $8,100.00. Please contact us for more information at 800.884.1328 or email memservices@msec.org


Small Employer Partners Program 

Private companies who have 10 or fewer employees may join MSEC at a special limited membership rate.  Please contact us for more information at 800.884.1328 or email memservices@msec.org

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