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​Pre-employment Screening Services 


There is an abundance of qualified applicants searching for employment. Make sure you hire the best employee for your organization. We provide easy-to-read, comprehensive reports checking important aspects of an individual's background including their history, substance abuse, attitudes, and skill level.


MSEC's Pre-Employment Screening department has the most advanced - yet user friendly - on-line, highly secure Screening Process: (please note this website is unique to Pre-Employment Screening and is not the MSEC members-only site. You will need to email to receive your ID and password.).


Background Checks
MSEC researchers use a number of sources to provide you easy-to-understand information.



Criminal Records

Professional and personal reference checks

Instant Online Credit Reports (partnership with local company providing members discounted credit reports)

Expanded Trak Reports to verify other information


Drug Testing
MSEC partners with a trusted local company that provides cost-effective local and national drug testing services.

State-of-the-art electronic reporting system including web-based password protected reporting and same-day drug test results

Medical review officer services

Full menu of management and statistical reports

Over 10,000 collection sites nationwide



Pre-Employment Testing and Assessment Services:

There are three types of tests we offer to help you hire a candidate who has the abilities you need!

• Assessments - MSEC assessments measure an individual’s personality, behavioral traits, and cognitive reasoning.  Based on years of research, MSEC’s assessments have a proven history of successfully predicting job performance and reducing turnover.

Skills - MSEC skills are simple-to-use, cost-effective, and flexible online testing applications.  Skills testing is the most accurate and effective method of measuring the required knowledge, skills, and abilities that lead to individual job success in a variety of job types.

Behavioral - MSEC offers a variety of different types of behavioral testing. One of our more popular options, a testing package called PeopleClues, includes personality, cognitive ability, and attitudes (integrity) assessments. Over 90 different job profiles are available to provide position-specific personality interpretation.

Learn more about how our Testing and Assessment services can help in your hiring decisions.


For more information contact Pre-employment Screening Services at 800.884.1328 or email



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