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Hiring employees is an expense for any employer.  Making the wrong choice only adds to that expense.  One way to determine whether candidates will make good employees is to test their skills, and just as important, assess their behavior.  To measure properly, a test must be valid; that is, it must measure what it says it will measure, so that you know that the results match the skills and behavior you need in your workplace.


After hearing from members who told us they needed valid, reliable skills and behavioral tests, MSEC conducted extensive research and found tests to truly help our members in their hiring decisions.  And, we can offer those tests to you for a reasonable price.



MSEC Assessments

MSEC assessments measure an individual’s personality, behavioral traits, and cognitive reasoning.  Based on years of research, MSEC’s assessments have a proven history of successfully predicting job performance and reducing turnover.



MSEC Skills

MSEC skills are simple-to-use, cost-effective, and flexible online testing applications.  Skills testing is the most accurate and effective method of measuring the required knowledge, skills, and abilities that lead to individual job success in a variety of job types. Test drive a skills assessment now.
Click here to view a catalog of available tests. 



MSEC Behavioral Testing

MSEC offers a variety of different types of behavioral testing. One of our more popular options, a testing package called PeopleClues, includes personality, cognitive ability, and attitudes (integrity) assessments. Over 90 different job profiles are available to provide position-specific personality interpretation. If you would like to test the PeopleClues assessment, please contact us at testing@msec.org with your name, organization, and email to have a link sent to you.


For more information contact Testing and Assessment Services at 800.884.1328 or email testing@msec.org

Please note:  We ask for at least a 48-hour notice period in order for us to properly set up testing/assessment links.
The final report(s) will be provided 24 hours after we receive notice of completion.



  • 01. Do you offer pre-employment testing services (e.g., personality tests, skills tests, etc.)?

    ​Yes! We offer hundreds of published testing options for many different positions, industries, and levels.

    02. Do you provide testing service to non-members?

    ​No, we do not. Our testing services are only available to MSEC members.

    03. Who creates these tests? Where do they come from?

    ​The tests we offer are developed and validated by various different test publishers. We partner with multiple test vendors and publishers to offer off-the-shelf assessments.

    04. How do the tests work - are they online or paper and pencil?

    ​All of the tests we offer are online assessments. We do not offer any paper assessments. All of the tests we offer are online assessments. We do not offer any paper assessments.

    05. How does the process work? How are the tests administered?

    ​We will work with you to determine the best tests for your hiring needs. Once this is decided, we will setup the online testing links and email these to you. You can then either administer the test at your office (i.e., have the candidate come in and sit at a computer to complete it) or, in some cases, it is appropriate to allow applicants to complete the test on their own time at their convenience. If you are uncertain whether to allow the candidate to complete the test at home or if you need to administer the test at your office, please ask and we would be happy to provide a recommendation based on the specific tests you elect to use.

    Once the applicants complete the test, we will automatically generate results and send these to you within 24 hours after completion.
    No payment is required up front – we invoice for all testing services at the end of each month.

    06. How long does the process take to setup testing links?

    We request you give us at least 48 hours notice to setup any testing links. In many cases, the testing links can be setup within a few hours, but it varies depending on the tests you are using.

    If you are a first time user, back and forth discussions to determine the best tests for your hiring needs will be required.

    07. What is the cost for testing? Is this included in MSEC membership?

    The costs vary depending on the tests used. There are additional fees for testing services (not included in MSEC membership) associated with each test. Generally, the prices of our tests range from $15/applicant to $90/applicant. However, as part of your MSEC membership, consultation regarding which tests to use, how to use the testing information, understanding the results, etc. is offered free of charge.

    08. Do you validate tests? We created a test ourselves and would like to validate it.

    ​Yes, we can help with validating your tests. There are additional fees for this service.

    09. Can you help me develop my own test?

    ​Yes, we can help with developing and validating a customized test. In most cases, it may be time and cost effective to use an off-the-shelf assessment but when this is not available, we can help to develop and validate a test specifically for your use. There are additional fees for this service.

    10. What is validation? How do I know if my test is validated?

    ​ Test validity refers to the extent to which a test accurately measures what it claims to measure. It also refers to the degree of evidence available supporting the interpretations of the tests scores for the intended purpose. Validation is the process of collecting evidence to determine if the test is accurately measuring what it claims to measure and if the test is being used appropriately. There are many different aspects to validity including the way the test is developed, how the test is used, and how scores are interpreted. There is no one best way to conduct a validity study. Ultimately, combined evidence from multiple sources is recommended.


    It is best to consult a testing professional when questions like these arise. Professionals working in the testing arena are expected to have advanced training in domains such as Industrial/Organizational Psychology. At MSEC, we have testing professionals that can help you answer these questions.

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