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Denison Cultural Surveys


Did you know that the culture of your organization can affect its profits?  Research is clear: those organizations who are successful in certain aspects of their culture have greater productivity and profit.  How would a survey gather and measure the cultural traits that make a business successful?  Fortunately, this is a question that has already been answered.  
The Dension Cultural survey is based upon 20 years of research on 1,500 organizations and 50,000 individuals.  It surveys 60 items to focus on four cultural traits that can significantly impact profitability, quality, sales growth, innovation, and employee satisfaction. 


The areas surveyed are:


• Involvement: building human capability, ownership, and responsibility
• Consistency: defining values and systems that are the basis of a strong culture
• Adaptability: translating the demands of the business environment into action.
• Mission: defining a meaningful long-term direction for the organization
For more information contact our Organization Development and Learning Department at 800.884.1328.

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