Employers need an accurate and timely picture of wage and salary levels, employee benefits, and other personnel administration practices.  We are a clearinghouse of business, economic, and human resources information.  Our surveys specialists provide members with data and statistics used in the development of personnel policies, benefit design, and compensation planning.


We conduct over 40 compensation surveys including community and industry-specific surveys.​  Survey questionnaires can be completed and submitted online and survey data are easily-accessible 24/7 on our website.  We hold roundtables of industry groups to determine their survey needs on an ongoing basis.  And, each year we hold a free briefing session to assist members in understanding and applying survey data to their workplaces. 

​Core Services Included in Membership 

Compensation and Benefit Surveys 


MSEC is a clearinghouse of business, economic and human resources information used in the development of personnel policies, benefit design, and compensation plans. We conduct compensation, benefits, and HR practices surveys across communities and industries. We also provide a planning packet explaining wage increase projections for the coming year. View our Survey Index here.

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MSEC sends questionnaires out to employers in order to gather the information needed to have meaningful surveys for members.  These questionnaires are designed to provide employers the opportunity to provide the most complete information so that the survey results can be most useful to members.  All information gained from questionnaires is validated for accuracy.  Click here to view current survey questionnaires.

Special Studies 


In addition to our surveys, we conduct customized special studies upon member request. These studies may involve wage rates for a previously un-surveyed position, a unique benefit, or an uncommon personnel practice or policy. You provide us with information you would like surveyed from competitors close by or across the country, we gather the information, and give you the results.  


Industry and Community Roundtables


We hold compensation and benefit roundtables with HR professionals in order to have the most relevant information available for over 30 community and industry-specific surveys that are conducted and published for MSEC Members. Compensation surveys are typically done annually, while other surveys are done every other year. Results are sorted by employer-size and location.

    "I can’t tell you how much help you have been for us. I truly appreciate everything that you have done. Thank you so much!!"


    -Abbey Rehder, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, Inc.


Advisory Services Tailored to You 

Custom Opinion Surveys

Surveying employees, internal, and external customers can provide valuable information for your organization.
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Commissioned Compensation and Benefit Survey Services

Our compensation and benefit surveys are worth the price of membership. Learn how we can bring this service to your industry association. We can also help with any survey analysis you need to conduct.
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Denison Cultural Surveys

This survey is based upon 20 years of research on 1,500 organizations and 50,000 individuals.
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360 Assessment Survey

We use The Profiler 360 assessment, which is based on decades of leadership research.
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360 Review Survey

MSEC has provided upper level management and boards with the surveys needed for comprehensive reviews of those in leadership positions.
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