It's a well known fact: good managers achieve great results.  In survey after survey employees make it clear that if they like working with their manager or supervisor, they are likely to stay, and if they do not, they are likely to leave.  You want your high-performing employees to stay and be productive in your workplace.  Help those in leadership positions to manage effectively, and watch results improve.


MSEC’s interactive coaching experience can help clients achieve long term excellence.  Workplace coaching services include:


Management/Executive Coaching Candidates: Executives, Directors, Managers and Supervisors


Clients implement a customized development plan and meet regularly with their coach to review progress toward goals, extract lessons learned, and make adjustments that increase the likelihood for success.


360 Degree Feedback Coaching Candidates: Executives, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Individual Contributors


360 feedback coaching uses a feedback instrument to develop a picture of current strengths and development needs.  Clients gain meaningful insights into their strengths and learning challenges.


Skills Development Coaching Candidates: Trainers, Facilitators, Presenters


Skills development coaching works one-to-one with those who lead and facilitate group meetings or train employees.  This process delves into the current skills and targets areas of improvement.


Team Coaching Candidates: Intact Teams, Leadership Teams, Other Work Groups


Our coaches specialize in helping intact teams and other work groups identify their effective and ineffective behaviors.  The coach guides the team through the implementation of a rigorous development plan and provides real-time feedback on progress.  The team develops its capacity to self-correct and becomes more productive and efficient.


For more information contact our Organization Development and Learning Department at 800.884.1328

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