​Mediation Services


Sometimes friction between two or more individuals becomes more than dislike.  Conflict can even affect product quality and customers' perceptions.  When two or more good employees cannot work together, managers are often at a loss.   They try a number of interventions, but often, nothing works.  At such times, mediation may be beneficial.


MSEC has helped members with this difficult circumstance.  Our staff can assess the situation and determine if mediation is appropriate.  If it is, we can help employees resolve their issues and work effectively together once again.

Mediation may be appropriate when:


• Work has suffered and other employees are affected
• The manager has talked with the parties several times, and the situation hasn't improved or has deteriorated
• The problem has affected morale throughout the team or department
• You fear losing employees if the problem continues
• It's apparent that you will need to terminate one or both employees if the problem isn't resolved


For more information contact our Organization Development and Learning Department at 800.884.1328 or email mediation@msec.org.



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