Team Contour

The greatest danger a team faces isn’t that it won’t become successful, but that it will, and then cease to
improve. - Mark Sanborn


Could your team be stronger? Is it reaching its full potential? Are there unaddressed challenges? Is the team cohesive and functioning at peak efficiency?


The bottom line is: all teams can be improved and be more successful. MSEC is offering a new service, Team Contour, to help your teams achieve optimal performance.


Why Team Contour?

Team Contour evaluates the team collectively rather than the individual members. It is one of the first team

measurement tools that accurately measures a team’s performance level and provides targeted approaches for

making the whole team more effective. Most team measurement tools focus on the team member’s personality

or individual team member roles and do not diagnose team performance.


Team Contour delivers:

•  An in-depth picture based on proven team competencies including team actions, leadership, relationships, and mindset

•  A comprehensive, survey-based approach to team assessment

•  The right issues for the team to address


How does it work?

The Team Contour tool evaluates teams across five areas essential to team effectiveness. Results of the assessment are benchmarked against top performing teams and for differentiating between top, middle, and low performing teams.


How the team benefits

• Zeros in on the aspects of team performance that must be improved to increase team effectiveness

• Easily identifies gaps between the team member’s perspectives and the team leader’s

• Identifies from team members and key stakeholders perspectives an accurate analysis of the team’s functioning and performance

• Helps create a team targeted development strategy


How the organization benefits

• Organizational success—strong teams are the backbone of successful businesses

• Strong teams reverse an organization’s high turnover, low morale, low productivity, and low customer service

• Teams are helped to reach their full potential


How a stakeholder benefits

• Provides a mechanism for a stakeholder to have a voice

• Greater opportunity for stakeholder to have expectations met

• Increases alignment between team, stakeholders, and ultimately the organization



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